Construction Survey Project Manager
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Construction Survey Project Manager

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The Construction Survey Project Manager coordinates and directs construction survey project team members to ensure projects are completed within budgetary and timeframe constraints.   This position reviews projects for compliance with company policies and standards, and ensures a smooth interface with other disciplines within the firm.  The ideal candidate should possess extensive knowledge of transportation-related construction projects, building stakeout, and bridge construction.  This person should also have high integrity and excellent attention to detail to conduct all work in accordance with highest professional standards and company policies, procedures, and programs.


Typical Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Confers with the client, obtaining timely decisions and approvals to ensure the project flows smoothly, alerts the necessary personnel of any changes to proposed alterations in the established budget, scope, or contract.
  • Ensures the maintenance of project compliance with federal, state, local, and corporate regulations /requests
  • Supervises various disciplines on the project team, coordinating their efforts, and making decisions which reflect the best interest of both the company and its clients.
  • Ensures that all assigned tasks are completed on time and within the established budget.
  • Reviews and seals relevant plans and certifications.
  • Reviews invoices to the client to maintain a level of consistency with company policy and assists, when necessary, to ensure collection in accordance with agreements.
  • Assists the Department Manager in the organization of proposed and existing projects by providing information relevant to the preparation of estimated job hour requirements, schedules, fees, and other contractual agreements.
  • Prepares proposals and estimates for proposed projects (RFPs).
  • When necessary, represents the company and its clients at various meetings.
  • Develops client and professional networks through professional associations, business organizations, committees, and promotes the professional standing of the firm through those networks.
  • Develops and implements internal quality control practices for relevant projects.
  • Develops and implements the use of new and alternate technologies as deemed appropriate by the Department Manager.
  • Performs all other assigned related duties.
  • This person reports directly to the Survey Department Manager.

    Required Knowledge and Experience:

  • Candidate is licensed and has ten (10) years’ experience in Land Surveying. Must have highly effective project management proficiency, and strong oral and written communications and presentation skills.


Please respond via email, with cover letter and résumé attached, to Michael Bogardus at