Design and Fabrication BIM Coordinator
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Design and Fabrication BIM Coordinator

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Description and Responsibilities
The Design and Fabrication BIM Coordinator is responsible for development and coordination of project documents for construction and/or prefabrication including:
• Design assistance
• Construction document modifications and/or creation including,
• Fabrication and spool/detail drawings
• BIM model design and coordination
• Creating construction drawings in multiple formats.

As a Design and Fabrication BIM Coordinator, you are responsible for assisting with scheduling and sequencing of preconstruction activities involving components such as design modifications and converting designs into prefabrication drawings. You will also manage various human resource issues on projects as they relate to design and fabrication, and ensure that the work environment is productive and safe. Coordinators are responsible for controlling costs and achieving overall profitability for assigned work.

These responsibilities will be carried out across all five O’Connell Electric offices including associated travel to offices and various job site locations.

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and resume that highlights training and experience to perform the duties described in the job description and listed under additional duties on page two.

Additional Duties
As directed by the Design & Fabrication Manager.
• Meet with Project Managers, review new projects and assist in coordinating any design changes and prefabrication opportunities.
• Provide project design and/or redesign including Revit, CAD, Inventor drawings, trade coordination, and project specific spool/detail drawings, including managing project files both
internally or at a project specific hosted site.
• Assist with Design software and hardware maintenance including, but not limited to, annual and third party upgrades, software deployments, field solutions, hardware analysis, O’Connell Electric design standards, template creations, file management, etc.
• Assist with creation of common prefabrication assemblies including, but not limited to, families/parts/ blocks, associated drawings and documents.
• Assist with developing standards for information exchange between estimating ACCUBID software and our coordination software suite. This is to include, but not limited to, finding working solutions toimport/export data files between both software solutions and to assist with necessary maintenance due to requests and software upgrades.
• Assist with coordination and use of the Trimble Total Station system and similar field layout tools. This is to include but not limited to, development of project drawings and a full understanding of how to operate the equipment properly.
• When required, visit job sites to operate Trimble Total Station for project layout.
• Review contract documents in detail to understand the full job scope.
• Understand and use appropriate job numbers of cost codes to manage documents, labor, and material.
• Assist with developing project schedule, plan, and coordinate the job in accordance with the schedule.
• Create action plans to facilitate problem solving, as needed.
• Ensure safe work practices are being followed at all times on the project and in fabrication shop.
• Attend job meetings and visit job sites, as required.
• Write and keep a log of “Request for Information” (RFI) reports and corresponding responses.
• Be responsive to the needs of the client and any designers.
• Become familiar with any local laws or codes that may affect work on the project.
• Be diligent with record keeping and ensure that the Superintendent/Foreman is properly filling out project documentation.
• Review all material handling requirements for projects and utilize vendors assistance as much as possible.
• Identify value engineering opportunities that may help both the client and O’Connell Electric.
• Provide all claim documentation throughout the project, and reserve our Right to Claims as required by contract.
• Attend project kick off meetings as required for fabrication and design support.
• Assist with de-scope meetings upon completion of projects as required, and interim de-scope meetings, if possible.
• Act as a leader. Be positive in your approach to working out problems and communicate with a sense of urgency.
• Assist Project Managers with tasks, as required.

Henrietta, NY with some travel to other offices and job sites required.

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