Residential Dozer Operator

Residential Dozer Operator

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Carley Staffing Solutions is looking for a Residential Dozer Operator for a local excavating company.  You must have a decent amount of experience and be very comfortable operating dozers as well as other heavy machinery.  You must also have a Class A license.  The job description and responsibilities are listed below.  If you are interested, please submit your resume and any related experience.  Thank you for your time.

Key Responsibilities:

 Operate the dozer and other heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner.

 Perform daily maintenance and safety checks of equipment.

 Understand, interpret and follow directions from supervisors as to required work area.

 Operate dozer controls to regulate height and angle of the dozer blade and lower scarifier to loosen        packed soil to permit grading.

 Feel levers and listen to equipment sounds to determine depth of the cut.

 Ensure a sound understanding of the issues involving ground disturbance.

 Operate Dozer in successive passes over construction surface to raise or lower terrain to specified grade, following markings on      grade stakes or hand signals.

 Use the Dozer to move and level soil, move rock and debris.

 Understand grades and interpret civil site plans.

 Operate other heavy equipment and other construction related duties as required

 Operate truck and trailer to transport dozer and other heavy equipment.

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