Announcing the Builders Exchange 2018 Craftsmanship and Lifetime Achievement Awards

Builders Exchange is proud to bring two exciting awards programs together as we celebrate our 130th Anniversary.  The founders of Builders Exchange believed that skill, integrity and responsibility should be the guiding forces for our members.  Nothing shows our skill more than recognizing superb craftsmanship. As members of Builders Exchange, we expect to see high quality work that was executed professionally.  To win a craftsmanship award, projects must be of the highest level and demonstrate challenges that were overcome during construction.  We could not be more excited about the projects that have won in the past and will win this year!  Craftsmanship award winners also demonstrate integrity and responsibility.  They have taken the time to learn their trade(s) at the highest level and how to effectively manage projects.

Integrity and responsibility are traits the winners of the Lifetime Achievement awards embody.  Our history of strong family companies and recently more diversified ownership models, demonstrates a deep commitment to industry excellence.

Winners of the awards have built and managed well respected companies in our region.

They are greatly skilled in construction and management.  They have served the industry, on local and national boards of directors, association committees, and in some instances as trustees of benefit funds.  They are active in the community and are involved in charities or other community efforts. It is also striking that most, if not all, of the Lifetime Achievement recipients were also
skilled field workers!

Craftsmanship award winners are often in the early to middle stages of their construction career.  Many will take management positions or roles as general foreman or superintendents and
some may start companies of their own.  Lifetime Achievement Award winners are at the other end of the career cycle.  Some will work forever and others have retired.  In all cases the winners
leave a strong mark on the industry.  Thank you for nominating individuals for this program and for supporting the highest standards in our industry.

For nomination criteria, please review the attached document. Craftsmanship and lifetime achievement awards