Builders Exchange is proud to announce that the 2022 Craftsmanship Awards & Lifetime Achievement Awards Nomination process is underway. Our region boasts excellent craftsmen and women, regionally and nationally award-winning companies and projects, and an industry dedicated to building a better community. Since our beginning in 1888, the principles of skill, integrity and responsibility have been driving our industry forward and those are still the guiding principles for our members today.

The Craftsmanship and Lifetime Achievement Awards are a chance to celebrate and honor the craftsmen and women who have excelled in these principles in both a particular project and throughout their careers. While projects and companies tend to get the bulk of the public recognition, these awards are an opportunity to turn the spotlight over to the men and women on the job that make these achievements possible.

While the pandemic has changed a lot about the way we do business, one thing it hasn’t changed are the hearts of our members. We have seen the hard work and dedication that our members put into every project, and now is the time to have their skill recognized.

The Craftsmanship Award is given to those who against any number of challenges have been able to produce a project of the highest level of craftsmanship. They stand out for both their skill and leadership amongst their team, having mastered the art of their craft.

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors those who have dedicated their life’s work to excelling the construction industry forward. They embody Builders Exchange’s guiding principles and their passion for their work is evident in all that they do. Our region has a rich history of an entrepreneurial spirit, and our Lifetime Achievement Award winners have built up their companies into well-respected positions within the business community. The winners themselves are upstanding members of our community, serving on various local and national associations and charities.

These awards are a chance to showcase your team – celebrating those in the height of their career having mastered their trade as well as honoring those who have or are nearing the close of their career. We look forward to reviewing all our members’ submissions, from companies big and small, to search for our region’s best craftsmen and women!

We will be celebrating the award winners in a ceremony the evening of Saturday, May 14th, 2022 at the Monroe Golf Club. Information on the awards banquet will be released after we have received all the nominations. Thank you for your nominations and for supporting the highest standards in our industry.

For nomination criteria, please review the attached document. Craftsmanship and lifetime achievement awards

Nominations are extended until April 6th