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Superintendent and Superintendent-2
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Superintendent and Superintendent-2

  • By Jean Metzger 

The following Job Description outlines the Christa Construction experience and skill set requirements for an individual holding the position of Project Superintendent.  Employment is based on the satisfactory return of a background check.

Core responsibilities for a Superintendent:

  1. Jobsite Safety
  2. Schedule Management
  3. Daily Reporting
  4. Jobsite Communication and Coordination
  5. Entrepreneurial Spirit (Leading job with Authority)
  6. Delivering the project High Level of Quality
  7. Accountability

Minimum Skill Requirements:

Technical Understanding:

  1. Thorough technical knowledge and understanding of all structural trades. (Mandatory).
  2. Read and comprehend all Contract Documents (Mandatory)
  3. Understand geotechnical, structural and materials testing requirements and procedures
  4. Thorough knowledge and understanding of crew size required for various levels of productivity in every critical path trade.
  5. Knowledge of soil types and their properties along with the ability to read and comprehend a soils report.
  6. Experience managing the installation of public utilities. Fully understands the timeframe for design, approval, and easement processes.
  7. Knowledge of Sediment and Erosion Control. SWPPP
  8. Thorough technical knowledge and understanding of site development trades.
  9. Thorough technical knowledge and understanding of all building envelope trades.
  10. Thorough technical knowledge and understanding of all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection trades.
  11. Thorough technical knowledge and understanding of all finish trade work.
  12. Thorough understanding of plumbing, sprinkler, HVAC, and electrical, fair housing and ADA codes.
  13. Experience managing, coordinating and obtaining close-in inspections and certificate of occupancy.
  14. Can perform a full submittal review
  15. Understand building codes and envelope requirements.

Field Management and Administration

  1. Ability to prepare and maintain accurate and professional as-built drawings.
  2. Manage the commissioning of the building. (if not officially commissioned then manage the MEP engineers’ inspections, and punch lists, mechanical startups and schedule and document all owner training.)
  3. Ability to effectively manage and chair weekly subcontractor meetings, take notes track and update accordingly.
  4. Make project status presentations at Owner meetings.
  5. Complete and maintain accurate and thorough daily reports.
  6. Complete and maintain weekly and incident safety reports.
  7. Manage and maintain an up to date, posted and accurate set of Contract Documents.
  8. Maintain accurate submittal files on the project.
  9. Perform accurate takeoffs (lumber, trim, doors, )
  10. Is proficient and experienced with FTP sites, F-drive server access, use and similar computer abilities.
  11. Responsible for coordinating and documenting all required project inspections with the Town, Utilities, Third Party Agencies, insurance representatives, etc.
  12. Has a complete understanding of all subcontractor scopes of work for the project.


  1. Thorough understanding of the critical path on a project, sequence of construction, project phasing and various trade durations.
  2. Schedules and manages the project mock-up.
  3. Ability to create and maintain an accurate “three-week look ahead schedule”.
  4. General knowledge of the duration and crew size required to complete various tasks.
  5. Thorough understanding of lead time requirements for materials, selections and work to be performed by others.
  6. Ability to assist the Project Manager in creating an accurate buyout schedule, and the ability to provide accurate dates for the submittal log to avoid late contract awards or material submittals

Quality Control – Managing the QA/QC process for the following

  1. Holds Preconstruction meetings
  2. Soils handling, placement, and testing.
  3. Civil utilities (storm, sanitary, water) and public utility (Gas, electric, Phone, Cat) installations.
  4. Concrete and Masonry preparation, placement, and testing.
  5. Structural – steel / decking / joists and LG framing installation, details, layout, and structural review
  6. Wood framing practices, inspections, and structural and dimensional review.
  7. MEP rough in practices, coordination, details, and inspections.
  8. Life safety — Fire walls / Smoke walls / Fire caulking / UL assembly.
  9. Insulation (Thermal and Sound) and Vapor barrier.
  10. All Interior finishes (Drywall — carpet).
  11. Exterior -Waterproofing / weather barrier / moisture barrier / air barrier.
  12. Roofing installation, details and inspections.
  13. Siding and flashing, installation, details and inspections.
  14. Masonry exteriors (Brick, Stone, etc.).


  1. Hold an OSHA 30 Hour certificate.
  2. Obtain and maintain a first aid / CPR certification.
  3. Consistently set a good example for others (wears hardhat, boots, safety glasses, etc.).
  4. Demonstrates the ability and willingness to maintain a safe jobsite including disciplining subcontractors as necessary.
  5. Maintains easily accessible, up to date site specific Christa Construction safety manual.
  6. Collects site specific subcontractor safety manuals from all subcontractors prior to them starting work on site.

Technology / Skills

Type of Technology, Equipment, Tool Software Skill Level
Microsoft Word Intermediate
Microsoft Excel Intermediate
PlanGrid Intermediate
Note Vault Intermediate
Microsoft Outlook Intermediate

Superintendent 2

Job Description

Has Mastered all the skills listed Above with the addition of the items below

  1. Displays ability to write a complete scope of work for all trades
  2. Can develop and manage the General Conditions budget for the project
  3. Ability and experience of putting together spending plans and cost control plans (i.e. Temp heat plan, winter condition estimate, temporary road/laydown budget).
  4. Displays ability to manage subcontractor C/O requests (daily extra work tickets) with a high level of fiscal responsibility, and a thorough understanding of the contract scopes
  5. Understand the pertinent parts of the Owner/Contractor Agreement
  6. Perform accurate takeoffs (lumber, trim, doors, etc.)
  7. Thorough knowledge and understanding of Christa boilerplate subcontract agreement.
  8. Is proficient in MS word, Excel, and Outlook, and Project
  9. Ability to Update a schedule, in MS Project
  10. Training and exposure to conducting a Performance Review of a subordinate
  11. Conduct efficient and effective meetings.
  12. Ability to manage the relationship between the Owner and Christa in a positive manner
  13. Ability to train, coach and mentor your direct reports.  Work with your direct reports to give them experience in various aspects of the work.