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The Builders Exchange Consortium has considerable leverage in premium negotiations with insurers and has excellent claims experience. The consortium is growing and adding additional members each year.e) The group now has 24 firms with over 3,200 covered lives

Why Should Your Company Join:

  • Strength in Numbers = Increased Purchasing Power
  • More Insurance Plan Offerings for Your Employees
  • Substantial Discounts on voluntary benefits, such as dental and vision
  • Consortium Members saved 36% compared to community/block increases over four years

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a member of Builders Exchange of Rochester
  • Have over 100 employees
  • Sign a Broker of Record Letter with Brown & Brown
  • Meet underwriting requirements and be approved by insurer

For More Information about joining the ROBEX Agency, contact:

Kim Gaylord

(585) 586-5460

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