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Workforce Development Programs

For High School Students

Eastern Monroe Career Center | Monroe 1 BOCES

Skills: General Construction, Roofing, Finish Carpentry, Masonry

Construction Trades: Students learn the fundamentals of commercial and residential construction. First-year students learn the fundamental principles and theoretical concepts of wall, floor, and roof framing, and exterior finishes including windows, doors, siding and roofing. Second-year students focus on dry wall, kitchens and baths, trim and painting, and form-building for concrete structures. Training in home energy audits and truss and soffit construction is included with practical applications on site. Students work on other related projects including sheds and decks.

Website | Phone: 585-387-3815

Trade Electricity Program: Students interested in becoming an electrician participate in this program to learn how to control the power source for much of modern technology. Students develop individual and team skills as they learn the basics of residential and commercial wiring. They learn to work within OSHA regulations, install electrical equipment to meet NEC standards, troubleshoot electrical issues faced by people at home or work and investigate emerging power needs and solar/ wind technology.

Website | Phone: (585) 383-6409

Welding & Fabrication: Welding students learn the technology and art of joining metal by various methods, including gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and oxy-acetylene welding (OAW). Students also learn gas and electric arc cutting, blueprint reading, electrode selection, joint design, and metallurgy. Students complete test plates to increase skill and accuracy. Students apply welding and cutting skills to fabrication of metal objects and work on customer projects, fabricating, repairing parts/equipment, and performing maintenance.

Website | Phone: (585) 387-3815


Edison School of Applied Technology

Skills: Masonry, Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC, Welding, Electrical, Millwright

Our students enjoy taking advantage of hands-on learning opportunities doing exciting, relevant projects that prepare them for a career. Our program prepares students for a variety of careers in building trades, architecture, and interior design. Students see projects through drafting, building, renovating, and designing phases while applying a variety of academic knowledge and skills.

Website | Phone: (585) 324-9700


Orleans BOCES Center for Workforce Development | Monroe 2 BOCES

Skills: General Construction, Carpentry, HVAC, Plumbing, Welding, Machining

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R): Students learn how to safely and properly install, troubleshoot, service and repair all types of residential and light commercial HVAC systems. In addition, this program includes customer service skills, employment skills development, CFC/EPA exam preparation and a 2-week work-based experience. Obtainable industry certifications include Universal EPA 608 Refrigeration License, OSHA 1910.178 Authorized Forklift (Powered Industrial Truck), OSHA 10-hour Construction Safety Certificate (includes Lead and Asbestos Awareness), R-410A Certification and Green Awareness Certification.

Website | Phone: (585) 349-9100

Machining with CNC Fundamentals: In this program, students learn the fundamental components of the manual mill, including common fixtures, cutting tools, and tool holders, as well as an introduction to Computer Numeric Control (CNC) programming and operation. Also, basic mill and lathe operation, safety procedures, tolerancing, and blueprint reading skills will be taught. A work-based experience at one of the prominent machine shops in the Rochester community is featured at the end of the program. In addition, this program includes customer service skills and employment skills development, and prepares you for industry certification in Green Awareness, OSHA 10 and Forklift. Graduates of this program find employment as a machinist, production machinist, machine operator, tool room attendant, maintenance machinist and gear machinist.

Website | Phone: (585) 349-9100

Building Trades: In the Building Maintenance and Technology program, students learn the various skills required to successfully operate, maintain and repair a residential or light commercial facility. This includes HVAC and plumbing fundamentals, electrical concepts, framing, drywall and weatherization basics, blueprint reading and energy awareness and analysis. In addition, this program includes customer service skills and employment skills development, and students will be prepared for industry certification in OSHA Construction Safety, OSHA Authorized Forklift, Green Awareness, R-410A Certification Exam and Universal EPA 608 Refrigeration License.

Website | Phone: (585) 349.9100


Seneca Waterways Exploring: Skilled Trades

Exploring is based on a unique and dynamic relationship between youth and the businesses and organizations in their communities. Businesses and community organizations initiate a career specific Exploring program by matching their employees and company resources to the interests of youth in the community. The result is a program of interactive activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow confidence, and develop leadership skills. Exploring clubs serve 6th – 8th graders and Exploring posts serve 14 – 20 year-old youth. We work with thousands of local, regional, and national businesses and organizations in hundreds of career fields across the country to deliver the Exploring program.

Skilled Trades Career Exploring is a hands-on program open to young men and women from the 6th grade to 20 years old with an interest in learning more about careers in the fields of Skilled Trades.



Genesee Valley BOCES

Skills: Carpentry, Cabinet, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating

Building Trades: This program provides students with a background applicable to both residential and commercial construction. Students learn technical skills in specialized areas of carpentry and cabinet making, residential wiring, plumbing and heating. Training occurs in machine operations, test equipment, hand tools, portable and stationary power tools, pneumatic tools, rigging and OSHA Safety requirements.

Website | Phone: (585) 344-7900

Welding: Students gain knowledge and skills in a variety of metal joining and cutting processes. Skills are developed in: Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW), Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG), Gas Metal Arc (MIG) welding, Plasma Arc (PAC) and Oxy Fuel (OFC) cutting. Out of position, structural, pipe welding, and print reading are also covered. Skills are developed through hands-on projects and work for customers. Students may receive entry-level welder certification from the American Welding Society upon successful completion of the written exam and welder performance samples.

Website | Phone: (585) 344-7900

College Opportunities

Alfred State College

Skills: General Construction, Management, Electrical, HVAC, Heavy Equipment Operating, Masonry, Surveying, Welding

Building Construction (A.O.S): The building construction program will provide you with instruction in the basic skills required of the carpenter and the mason in the construction of residential or other light-frame and masonry buildings. You will also gain extensive experience in building layout, foundations, framing, sheathing, exterior and interior trim, block work, brick, and concrete construction.

Website | Phone: (607) 587-4130

Construction Engineering Technology (A.A.S.): The program in construction engineering technology includes a well-designed balance of theoretical and laboratory studies, providing students with a broad knowledge of civil engineering technology and the construction fields. This field is expanding rapidly, and our technical curricula will give you a broad-based education, as well as the hands-on skills and experience needed for leadership in today’s construction business.

Website | Phone: (607) 587-4612

Construction Management (B.S.): Alfred State construction management program focuses on both commercial building and heavy civil construction. Using real plans and specifications for real construction projects in NY, students complete the same tasks they will their first years of their career in our labs. Our students routinely place at the Region 1 Construction Management Competition put on by the Associated Schools of Construction.

Website | Phone: (607) 587-4612

Electrical Engineering Technology (A.A.S.): The electrical engineering technology AAS and BS programs provide the skills and occupational competence necessary for entry into the field as an applied engineer who works with and is responsible for all the electronic equipment in the field. Thus, in addition to a firm foundation in electrical circuit concepts, the program provides a robust laboratory experience.

Website | Phone: (607) 587-4652

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (A.O.S.): The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning program will prepare you for this growing field with courses on all phases of residential and commercial installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. It includes forced air, hot water and steam heating, gas and oil burner systems, along with hands-on air conditioning and heat pump technology.

Website | Phone: (607) 587-3115

Heavy Equipment Operations (A.O.S.): This program will provide you with the hands-on skills and expert training required by heavy equipment operators for the light construction and heavy highway industries. Instruction is provided in heavy equipment operations theory, as well as grades, soils, blueprint reading, safety, and supervision.

Website | Phone: (607) 587-3115

Masonry (A.O.S.): Each year, more and more students and employers have asked for additional instruction and skills-based training in masonry beyond what is provided by the building construction program. Our masonry program was designed with these desires in mind. It will provide you with extensive instruction after completing the common first-year building construction curricula.

Website | Phone: (607) 587-4130

Surveying Engineering Technology (A.A.S.) (B.S.): This program will provide students with a thorough understanding of the basic sciences of mathematics and physics, as well as applied subjects such as graphics and computer-aided drafting and design. The knowledge obtained from these basic courses is applied to a well-rounded study of modern surveying theory and practice.

Website | Phone: (607) 587-4681

Welding Technology (A.O.S.): This high-tech program focuses on welding processes performed in all positions on both plate and pipe. Student will learn proper safety methods, required math, related skills, layout and fit up, welding codes and standards, welding inspection, testing, and drawing/welding symbol interpretation. The first year, students will complete AWS Level I standards for an entry-level welder. The second year will take students toward AWS Level II – advanced welder and expert welder. Additional techniques such as high-pressure vessel and high-pressure pipe will be taught, as well as other advanced welding techniques.

Website | Phone: (607) 587-3115


Monroe Community College

Skills: General Construction, HVAC< Plumbing, Welding, Electrical, Sprinklerfitting

Air Conditioning Technology: Heating and Ventilation (A.A.S.): Graduates of the A.A.S. degree program will have a thorough understanding of the math and physics that HVAC principles are built upon. The A.A.S. degree program provides a well-rounded education in HVAC technology with a thorough understanding of the theory and applications necessary for systems operation.

Website | Phone: (585) 292-3700

Construction Technology (A.A.S.): Our construction technology degree offers a practical introduction to all aspects of construction management, including hands-on experience with the most current construction technology. Career training focuses on key elements of construction management, including surveying, drafting, estimating, construction, and inspection.

Website | Phone: (585) 292-2002

Skilled Trades: MCC Corporate College offers technical training for construction workers, plumbers, electricians and other skilled-trade workers. Courses include in-depth instruction on plumbing, sprinkler fitting, glazing, conductor installation, project management, and more.

Website | Phone: (585) 685-6004

Welding & Fabrication: Welders are in demand in countless industries. With decades of few new workers entering the trades, vocations like welding are now left with an aging workforce, and a shortage of qualified people. Mahany Welding Supply, the Rochester Arc + Flame Center, and MCC Corporate College have partnered together to offer programs that provide the training necessary to get jobs in the exciting and rewarding field of welding.

Website | Phone: (585) 685-6004


Rochester Institute of Technology

Skills: Electrical

Electrical Engineering (B.S.): Due to the fact that RIT graduates are adept at problem solving and have real-world experience and team skills, they are in high demand.  Our electrical engineering alumni work in every conceivable industry, from medical to military, power distribution to communication and financial services.  The computer industry attracts many of our graduates, who are innovators with a track record of success in areas as diverse as research and development to marking and sales.

Website | Phone: (585) 475-2165


University of Rochester

Skills: Electrical

Electrical and Computer Engineering (B.S.): Our undergraduate program prepares students by teaching the fundamentals of circuits and systems, electromagnetics, microelectronics, signals and communications, computer architecture, and digital systems.

Website | Phone: (585) 275-4060

Adult Learners

Imagine Monroe

Workforce Development Programs

LADDERZUP In partnership with Monroe Community College, Monroe County is leading the charge to train our local workforce with the LadderzUp program. LadderzUp will recruit, train, and quickly place workers into the most in-demand careers in the region including a skills bridge program, accelerated precision tooling certificate, mechatronics, entry-level healthcare, optics and photonics, IT medical assistant certificate as well as secondary partnership programs like dual enrollment and early college high school.

RECRUITING ON THE ROAD program provides area businesses the chance to tap into the local, talented workforce by providing employment opportunities within our community. Job seekers register for free and arrive with their resumes ready to interview with area employers looking to fill jobs.

HELMETS TO HARDHATS is a national non-profit program connecting veterans with skilled training and career opportunities in the construction industry. Monroe County partners with local building and construction trade organizations who administer technical training.

MONROE ON THE JOB is a groundbreaking training initiative. The program is available to companies participating in qualified certification programs which lead to an industry-recognized certification or transferable credential.

MONROE MANUFACTURES JOBS program connects graduates of the Monroe Community College Applied Technology Center with local manufacturing companies by providing both the employer and the employee a $1,500 bonus. Certain criteria applies for eligibility.

Website | Phone: (585) 753-2000


OACES (Office of Adult & Career Education Services, RCSD)

Carpentry Program: The OACES Carpentry class provides participants with an introduction to the basic techniques necessary for designing and building furniture and an array of wood products. Topics will include safety, measuring, use of hand and power tools, fork lift training and the basics of production building for retail sales. Upon completion of this training, participants will be prepared for entry level employment in industrial or private wood working environments. Training Duration: Approximately 200 hours.

Website | Phone: (585) 467-7683

Electrical Program: The OACES Electrical program will provide students the skills necessary to enter the electrical industry. Topics covered include residential and commercial wiring, related math, blueprint reading, wiring schematic’s, raceway installation, trouble-shooting, fire alarm. security systems, low voltage systems, 10 and 30 systems, and construction safety. Curriculum consists of 20% lecture and 80% is hands-on performance based. Students will learn electrical theory through hands-on practical performance projects and lectures/lessons. Upon completion, the student will be prepared for direct entry into the work place or post-secondary education. Training Duration: 624 hours (3-6 months)

Website | Phone: (585) 467-7683


Rochester Careers in Construction

Skills: General Construction

Multi-Craft Apprenticeship Preparation Program (MAPP) is the most unique pathway to the various building trades registered apprenticeships. The program is designed to train qualified adults who have a genuine desire to enter the trades and build a rewarding career. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to apply for entrance into the apprenticeship program of their chosen craft/trade . Once they have achieved acceptance into that program, they will be well on their way towards a successful career.

Website | Phone: (585) 434-2004

Project Phoenix is the On-The-Job training component of the local Multi-Craft Apprenticeship Preparation Program. The program provides basic hands-on exposure to the various trades. Students will learn various skills while rehabilitating troubled homes in the City of Rochester. The goal is to help facilitate viable employment opportunities for the participants while improving the city of Rochester’s critical housing needs.

Website | Phone: (585) 944-7944


The Rochester Environmental Job Training Program (REJOB)

Skills: Asbestos Abatement, Hazardous Waste, Lead and Mold Abatement, General Construction

The Rochester Environmental Job Training Program is a federally funded program for underemployed and unemployed City residents. This eight-week program is a comprehensive, multi-partner effort designed to lead to sustainable, long-term employment. The program provides life skills and remedial education training to foster self-sufficiency in addition to training certifications needed for jobs in the asbestos abatement, hazardous waste site cleanup and general construction fields. High achieving graduating students may also be offered additional training in related fields including lead and mold abatement.

Website |


Urban League of Rochester, New York

Skills: General Construction

The mission of the Urban League of Rochester, NY is to enable African-Americans, Latinos, the poor and other disadvantaged to secure economic self-reliance, parity and power and civil rights.

Face Forward 3 serves individuals ages 14 to 24 who have been or currently are involved in the juvenile justice system but do not have any convictions in the adult criminal justice system. The program provides comprehensive, integrated services that lead to participants’ entry into career pathways in the growing sectors of construction, health care, and food service.

YouthBuild Rochester serves disadvantaged high school dropouts ages 18 to 24.  The goals of the program are for participants to obtain a high school equivalency diploma and/or industry recognized certificate; increase literacy and numeracy; and employment or enrollment in post-secondary education.

Website | Phone: (585) 325-6530