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Message from the Chairwoman of Builders Exchange of Rochester

  • By Liz Mazzone 
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Dear ROBEX Members,


Happy New Year! I hope this greeting finds you, your company and your family faring well. I love construction because it provides a solid framework during times of uncertainty. We’re always deemed an essential service and therefore drive our community’s economic engine. ROBEX is pleased to provide quality programming and much-needed guidance during these challenging times. Demonstrating value to our members remains our top priority and guiding force. Our staff and board members remain vigilant and passionate about serving that purpose.

In late 2021, CEO Aaron Hilger stepped down after 18 years. Aaron built his career driving growth and prosperity for ROBEX and we wish him success in his new role. We’re grateful to have Kim Gaylord in the position of interim executive director. Kim and our talented staff are maintaining the ongoing day-to-day management of our organization. Her leadership has been essential for our operations to have stability and continuity. We recognize that we have an opportunity during this time of transition to reflect on our operational efficiency. Our board and staff are working in concert to better refine and improve our efforts, as this is an essential first step in our selection process for our new CEO.

We welcome the addition of Denise Murphy McGraw as executive director of the ROBEX Agency. Denise aims to drive growth on association management and strengthen community engagement. She’s worked with ROBEX for nearly two decades, lobbying for the best interests of our members and industry. Her full-time engagement on these important aspects will further bolster our ability to address issues that directly impact our industry.

During times of uncertainty, we prioritize the continuation of important programming, our healthcare consortium, our DEI taskforce, JBX and workforce development committee. We welcome your feedback to improve how we operate or explore new opportunities to better serve members. I hope to see you soon at the exciting events we have planned. Stay safe!


Best regards,

Melissa Geska

President, US Ceiling Corp

ROBEX Chairwoman